About Us




Alcanzando Sueños Institute LLC is a start-up company, the foundesr are Claudia Pretel and Ruth Hernandez, who has a commitment in serving the Hispanic community by providing educational classes in order for students to obtain their GED certification.

Alcanzando Sueños is endeavoring to establish its brand name in the Northern Virginia/Central Virginia and Maryland . The concentration is on providing high quality education to Hispanic Adult leaders. Alcanzando Sueños wants to help those without a high school diploma and provide them with the opportunity to earn their GED certification. They also want to provide professionals the opportunity to invest in their local communities, gain experiences, and develop professional connections and leadership skills through their quasi-volunteerism and social entrepreneurship.

When affection and gratitude can be expressed leaving an unforgettable memory of obtaining the GED certification, there is lots of potential for a repeat experience. Alcanzando Sueños prides themselves in providing high quality education and already having 90 students graduates.


Alcanzando Sueños (Reaching dreams) LLC’s mission is to provide the Hispanic community without a high school diploma with an opportunity to earn their GED certificate.

“Alcanzando Sueños LLC is a GED program serving the Spanish-speaking community regardless of immigration status. Our mission is to help promising, needy students achieve their academic and professional goals through higher education, and to provide meaningful ways for professionals to connect with like-minded peers and develop their own leadership skills while contributing to their local communities.



In 2020 We envision growing Alcanzando Sueños into a recognized organization with substantial presence and outreach in benefit of the Virginia and Maryland Hispanic community.”